Anavar – Benefits, Risks, and Effects You Need To Know

Anavar – The Benefits, Risks, and Legal Status Of This Performance Enhancing Supplement

What Exactly Is Anavar ?

Today, Anavar, sold as a muscle building supplement. In previous years, A-var contained an ingredient called “Oxandrolone”. Oxandrolone, was a popular anabolic androgenic steroid brought to the market by Cyril laboratories in 1964 under the trade name anavar.

Anavar, often referred to as “Var” or “A-var” when discussing it’s use as a sports performance enhancer. This article covers the legal anavar supplement, as well as the previous a-var which contained oxandrolone.

A rather mild steroid, oxandrolone is a dehydratase dosteronederivative and is one of the most side-effect friendly steroids on the market. Carrying a very mild androgenic nature with almost no androgenic activity. A-var is highly anabolic.

However, its mild nature will not yield as much anabolic activity as its structural nature would imply. As of 2005, Anavar is available as a dietary supplement as long as it does not contain oxandrolone.

Previous Versions of Anavar

Oxandrolone is a c-17alpha alkylated anabolic steroid this refers to a structural change of the hormone at the 17th carbon position. That allows it to be ingested orally and survived the first pass through the liver, a necessary trait in order for its survival.

Unfortunately, this makes in a bar a hepatotoxic steroid, a trait shared by all c-17 alpha alkylated steroids in the case of Anavar while hepatic in nature. It is rather mild in fact most will find liver enzyme values to only increase at a minimal rate with responsible supplementation.

Today’s Anavar is a legal supplement because if it is absent the banned ingredient Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone and Performance Enhancement

Anavar is highly reviewed among othe performance enhancing supplements. This is one of the most common anabolic steroids used to combat muscle wasting diseases and in some cases even osteoporosis, while used to promote lean tissue gains.

Therapeutic treatment it is considered a poor steroid for off season performance mass gains with female bulking being the exception. Anavar is commonly found in performance based cutting cycles by its nature anavar bonds fairly well to the androgen receptors and will promote dry muscle gains without bloating and extra bulking.

Anavar Use In Bodybuilding

Beyond fat-burning “Var”, is a fantastic hardening agent. With a proper diet where there is a calorie deficit the physique will appear drier, harder,and more defined. “Var” also, has the ability to increase strength as well as preserve it under a calorie restricted diet.

This makes it an excellent athletic enhancing steroid, a fantastic cutting steroid. Anavar truly shines in its ability to promote muscular endurance by way of increasing red blood cell count.This increase in red blood cell count can also provide a tremendous therapeutic advantage as it will improve cardiovascular function, as well as providing means of treatment for anemia.

Bodybuilding will use legal alterntaives like Anavar or Winstrol in the final weeks before competing due to their fast acting muscle leaning mechanisms.

Oxandrolone Side Effects

Anavar is a non aromatized steroid which means estrogenic side-effects impossible. However,anavar has a DHT nature which can produce acne, hair loss, and prostate enlargement. Acne is the most common side effect.

Healthy males can avoid these side-effects with proper preventative measures coupled with responsible supplementation. Anavar can suppress natural testosterone production but only slightly as it has a mild effect on SHBG and LH and no effect on FSH.

Androgenic Effects On Women

As for women virilization is an issue. Virilization refers to the promotion of masculine sexual characteristics but thankfully anavar carries the lowest virilization rating of any anabolic steroid. For most women as long as they stay within the realm of responsible doses and periods of use no virilization will occur.

Individuals carry varying levels of response some may display symptoms regardless of responsible use and should discontinue use immediately in order to protect their femininity. In order to obtain the positive effects of anavar while minimizing the side effects most men will need a large dose due to its extremely mild nature in order to obtain athletic enhancement.

Anavar and Winstrol is one of the best steroids for women because they will not cause any masculizing effects when used.

Anavar Dose for Men

Most men will need a minimum of 30 milligrams per day. However, for increased athleticism or performance most men will find 50 milligrams per day to be advisable. 50 milligrams of high quality product, a good dose, easily increased to 80 milligrams per day if desired.

A maximum dose of 100 milligrams per day, well tolerated by most men. However,doses above this amount could lead tolarge DHT build-up. That may damage the prostate due to this steroids mild nature it can be used for long periods of time.

Most men can easily tolerate 8 weeks of use without any liver damage as long as they follow the proper protocol. There are  legal alternatives that are safer and even more effective than products containing oxandrolone.

The Best Legal Anavar For Women

Most women will need a minimum of 5 milligrams per day with 10 milligrams per day being far more effective and still within safe guidelines. If 10 milligrams per day, tolerated well with no virilization symptoms 50 milligrams per day attempted.

A maximum dose, 20 milligrams per day. However, each increase past 10 milligrams per day increases the risk of virilization greatly. Past 20 milligrams per day almost guarantees it.6 weeks of continuous use is a good rule of thumb with at least 6 weeks off in between before a new cycle begins.

Anavar is one of the most expensive steroids available on a per milligram basis. Also one of the most commonly counterfeited oral steroids of all time. In most cases you will find human grade anavar to cost two to four dollars per 10 milligram tab.

Most underground labs will carry the same tab or capsule for around one to two dollars per tab. While risk of a low-grade product goes up despite the better price. Anavar and Winstrol are 2 of the best steroids for women.

List Of Banned Versions of Anavar

  • Oxandrin
  • Oxandrolone
  • Oxagen
  • Bonavar
  • Oxandrolonos
  • OxanPrime

Unknown Status

  • VAR 20
  • AniVar

Legal Anavar Alternatives That Are Safe

  • Anacut – Stack Labs
  • Paravar – Unknown
  • Oxanivar – Muscle Labs USA Supplements

Both Anavar and Winstrol are available for purchase as legal alternatives. Both products, sold under dietary supplements as long as they are absent of the banned ingredients stanozolol and oxandrolone.

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