Sun’s Out, Guns Out! – Best Arm Day Workout Routines


Show off Huge Arms This Summer!

Arm Day Workout Plan

Arms, the one body part most people associate with being strong and muscular. Arms also the muscle group you can show off most often due to the way we as humans dress most of the time. You can’t walk around too many places in shorts, for forget the legs.

Unless you’re in a tank top, no one can check out your shoulders, chest and back. You however, can almost always wear short sleeves. Whether a T-shirt or polo, once the weather heats up, this is the time to show off your biceps and triceps in all their glory! There’s still a few months of summer left. Work hard and make them more glorious. We’ve got a special arm day program for you.

Grow Your Guns- Fast Split Arm Day Routine

Follow this until it’s time for long sleeves:

  • Arms: Day 1
  • Legs: Day 2
  • Chest, Back, Shoulders: Day 3
  • OFF: Day 4
Follow this arm routine to blast your biceps and triceps.

You’re going to be crushing your arms without mercy twice every eight days. After a full day of rest, you’ll strive to get plenty of rest and eat up. On Day 3 when you hit your torso, biceps and triceps will also get solid residual work. Heavy presses, rows, chins and lat pulldowns you do for the chest, delts and back.

This sets your arms up for phase of accelerated muscle growth. Here’s a tip for the workout coming up. On Day 3, Do not attempt to train your chest, back and shoulders with the same volume for each that you normally do. If you do that, three bad things will happen.

First – you’ll be stuck in the gym for two to three hours.
Second – whatever you train later in the workout will suffer due to fatigue.
Third – you don’t want to over train.

One day off the weights, as suggested in the training split above won’t be enough time to recover. Do about half as much for chest, shoulders and back as you normally would.

Focus on just a few basic movements for each. You can still train chest, shoulders and back hard and make improvements, but you need to keep those workouts shorter and distilled to just the meat.

Sun’s Out Guns Out Routine

Routine 1

Cable Pushdown Tri-Set
Sets: 3 X 12 + 12 +12
Attach a short straight bar to the cable pully. Do 12 reps with an underhand grip. Flip your hands over for 12 more. Then face away from the weight stack and do a final 12 reps leaning over and extending overhead.

Close Grip Smith Incline Presses
4 X 10 – 12
Superset with Dip Machine 4 X 10 – 12
(Pyramid up in weight)

Machine Curl 21s
3 X 21
7 reps from the bottom to halfway up. 7 full reps, then 7 reps from halfway up to peak contraction.

Standing Barbell Curls
4 X 10 – 12
Superset with
Close Grip Chin-Ups
4 X 10 – 12
Use an underhand grip. Hands completely together is optimal if you can do without wrist pain. Otherwise, a couple of inches inside of shoulder width. If you lack the strength for chin-ups, substitute with close grip lat pulldowns using an underhand grip.

Decline Dumbbell Skull Crushers
3 X 10 – 12
Superset with
Cross-body Dumbbell Hammer Curls
3 X 10 -12
Curl up at a diagonal toward the shoulder opposite the working arm. Striving to squeeze the brachialis and outer bicep head at the top of every rep.

Alternate flexing and stretching the biceps and triceps for two minutes.

arm day workout
Best arm day workout to get your guns blazin’

Routine 2

Incline Dumbbell Curls
4 X 10 -12
Superset with
Standing Dumbbell Curls
4 X 10 – 12
Simply rep to failure on the seated curls. Be sure to lower under control to a full stretch of the biceps on each rep. Then stand up and continue with the set. Curl with both arms at the same time for both halves of the superset. Keep good form and full range of motion. No swinging 50’s or 60’s. Even guys with decent bicep strength won’t need more than 30 or 35’s on your final set.

V-bar Pushdowns
Sets: 3 X 15, 12, 10 (increasing weight)
2 X 10, 10, 10 (double drop sets)

Bench Dip Bodyweight
4 sets to failure (if you can get more than 20 reps, put a plate or dumbbell on your lap)

Standing EZ-bar Curls
4 X 10 – 12
Superset with
Seated EZ-bar Curls
4 X 12
Stand in front of seated bench. Do as many full range of motion reps standing as you can. Then sit down and continue, lowering until the bar touches your thighs. These will be partial reps in the top half of ROM. Finding you can grind out more of these than you expected.

Seated Overhead EZ-bar Extensions
4 X 10 – 12
Superset with
EZ-bar Skull Crushers on Flat Bench
4 X 10 -12
Overhead extensions can be done either on a straight back seated bench or adjustable incline bench. Ideally have this next to a flat bench so you can go directly from the overhead to the skull crushers using the same bar.

Alternate flexing and stretching the biceps and tricps for two minutes.

4 Tips for Rapid Arm Growth

1.Never Lose the Mind-Muscle Connection
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Everyone needs to try to get stronger and gradually use heavier weights with arm training. However, this increase in resistance must only occur if you are still able to contract the biceps or triceps on every rep. Feel that muscle group working.

There’s always a point you’re engaging far more chest and anterior deltoids than triceps. The same can be said with any type of curl. Even though your form might not look bad to an observer, you’ll cease to feel the biceps working to the same degree once you go too heavy.

You’ll know when you cross that line. The solution is to lighten the load a big and get back to feeling the biceps or triceps flex and stretch on every rep.

2. Know When to Stop the Workout

Even though these workouts listed for you to follow, you need to develop an awareness when your biceps or triceps have been fully expended. No further work for that day is needed. You can gauge this by your pump.

There’s a point in your workout where the pump is maxed out and the skin feels tight. You can continue to chase the pump with more exercises and sets until you’ve completed the full routine. If you start losing that pump or worse, losing the ability to feel the muscle working, your done for the day.

Nothing more you do will give you positive results. It may make recovery worse and you won’t be able to bounce back before your next arm day.

3. Eat For Gains

The two meals of your day with the highest carbohydrate content should be the one you eat 90 minutes before your arm workout. Then the one you eat 60 – 90 minutes after your workout. When the workout is over, you need either essential amino acids or whey protein isolate along with simple carbs.

The whole point is providing the biceps and triceps with all the nutrients they need for a killer workout. Adding a muscle building supplement helps build muscle and increase strength gains as well.

4. Customize Your Arm Training

One problem with the arm workouts is that we are not all built the same. We have different arm length, muscle size and so on. Some exercises will be more suitable than others. Can you really feel that muscle working with the exercise? It often takes a few tries to make a decision.

Some exercises will really work your biceps and triceps, giving you awesome pumps and making them sore. Other exercises, not so much. Keep the ones that work well for you. Continue trying new movements and new twists on exercises you’ve been doing for years.

You never know what else might work for you. Also, however, don’t waste precious training time and energy on exercises that do nothing for you.