Butt and Gut Workout Challenge

Blast Away the Extra Holiday Weight with these Butt and Gut Workout Tips!

With the New Year here many of us have vowed once again to really let this be the year we get ourselves in shape, quite literally. If this sounds like you then keep reading to learn about the best butt and gut workout moves you should know. These moves will tone, strengthen, and define your posterior and mid-section in all the very best ways.

Work That Butt!

1. Squats:

Well there really is no getting around it; if you want toned, tight buttocks you’re going to have to get friendly with the mighty squat. Squats are without doubt the best exercise you can do to build strength and tone your butt. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, simply bend down with your back straight into a seated-like position. Repeat as many times as you can working your way up to fifty.


Next to squats, lunges are key to a great butt. Lunges can be done both forward and backwards, meaning your can move your front leg forward, keeping your knee at a ninety degree angle, or alternatively step one leg backwards. Whatever the case, add resistance to the maneuver by keeping it slow and steady and adding free weights for some extra edge.

3.Hip Extensions:

A hip extension involves getting onto all fours and raising one leg at a time. Angle your heal up to the ceiling as your slowly engaged the glutes and raise your leg keeping the knee bent. For the more advanced practitioners, you can try balancing a free weight in the crook of your knee.

4.Step-Ups or Stair Climbing:

You can either use a step platform, Stairmaster or simply hike up your nearest set of stairs. By climbing stairs in this way you will target your glutes and potentially work on your cardiovascular fitness as well.


If you aren’t into hitting the gym after work, invest instead in a decent bicycle and start cycling to and from the office. Cycling is one of the very best butt workouts and you’d be hard pressed to find an avid cyclist with a fat behind. Cycling not only works the butt muscles but it also shapes and tones the legs and improves cardiovascular fitness. Choose this one for optimum results.

Getting a great butt can take a little work, but if you and your derriere are up for the challenge, try the moves above for ultimate butt-kicking results.

Tips For A Great Looking Butt

You want a nice bottom? Well, then, get off your behind and get working. Having a strong, healthy and attractive looking butt takes work. It means exercising, targeting and continuing with your efforts in order to chisel out a nice rump worth looking at. Adding workout supplements helps build muscle and burn fat.

Even if you think you have no butt at all, you can still get one since your butt is a group of muscles easily targeted.

Here are some tips on how to get a great behind.

  1. Instead of taking elevators or escalators, take the stairs.
  2. Ride a bicycle. Get out there and cruise your way to finding a nice bottom.
  3. Hit the gym. Stair climbers, stationary bikes, squats, and lunges are all great for getting a firm butt. For a detailed list of exercises, click here.
  4. Eat right. Sugars and fats like to find their way to people behinds.
  5. Do something different. If you have been exercising but aren’t getting anywhere, try switching: If you run, cycle. If you swim, run.
  6. Stretch. Loosening the muscles tones them, and helps create the Lopez curve many people want.
  7. Eat more calories. If you are wanting to gain muscle you need to consume more calories than you burn. Try a protein powder to help.

Getting the perfect butt takes effort, but it isn’t impossible. Remember that genetics play a part in your shape and don’t get discouraged if you don’t wind-up with the kind of behind you see in magazines – even those people aren’t perfect.

The Benefits Of A Strong Core

If an apple has no core does it exist? It’s a silly question, but not one that doesn’t have merit. When you think about working out and getting stronger, with bigger muscles or a toned body, do you think about what is holding it all together?

It’s the core. Like a fresh juicy apple, the core is what holds all the better looking parts together.

It’s not enough to only target one section: the biceps, the abs, the chest, etc. If you want to feel complete with lasting strength and body mass you need to peel away the juicy bits and hit the middle. Trying a pre workout supplements might give you the boost you need to get moving!

Core training is the base note of all workouts, yet many people aren’t sure how to extend their routine in order to develop it. Exercises designed for building balance and strength, and ones that can be done while using an exercise ball are generally great for core workouts.

Also, using free weights will allow for a broader scope of achievement than using machines.

The reason interior strength is so important is that just about every motion made by the human body is initiated in the core. Lunges, twists, running, swimming, and weights – almost everything starts with the abs, hips and lower back, which is where the ‘core’ of the body is. Yoga practitioners, as well as dancers and athletes, have long known the benefits.

Here is just a quick list of the benefits to a strong core:

– Reduction of injury risk

– More comfort with sitting (either in office chairs, or just in general)

– Serves to increase balance, letting you isolate other muscle groups

– Increases energy

– Improves posture

– Aids in sports development

If you are interested in strengthening your core, read on for some suggestions of possible exercises.

3 Lower Abdominal Exercises

If you could change one part of your body what would it be? Studies have shown that the answer for most women (and a large number of men) is the abdominal region. Women have an especially hard time losing in this region, mainly due to their biological makeup. Women naturally gain fat around their middle first and are also much more likely to have that “spare tire” than men are.

Here are three effective exercises for your lower abdomen:

1. Double Leg Lifts:

Start by lying on your back with your hands placed under your butt, gripping the floor. Start the exercise by contracting your lower abdominal muscles and tightening the muscles of your legs while lifting them straight up vertically. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then lower them down until they are a few inches off the floor, again holding the position.  Repeat for at least 3 sets of 10.

2. Alternating Leg Walks:

Start this exercise the same way but use only one leg when lifting up. Pick a leg and lift it up until it is forming a right angle to your body. . Lower this leg down and hold the position once it is a few inches off the floor. Switch legs and repeat.  Make sure that your back doesn’t come off of the floor and concentrate on contracting your ab muscles. Do 3 sets of 20 (10 on each leg per set).

3. Scissors: 

This exercise starts the same way as the other two -lying on the floor with your hands under your butt. Begin by contracting your leg muscles and lifting both legs up until they are a few feet away from the floor. Without bending your knees, get your right leg across your left leg, so that both legs are crossed. Then open your legs out, and close them again, reversing the positions of the legs. Keep on doing the scissoring movement for about 30 seconds or more. Repeat this at least 5 times.

Doing effective abdominal exercises three to five times a week combined with strength training and cardio workouts will get your whole body into shape and burn fat just in time for summer.