Leg Day – The Game Changer To Make It More Enjoyable!

Leg Exercises – Pro Tips For Faster Progress and Better Results

For the record, doing the right leg exercises correctly will induce muscle growth in anyone regardless of genetics. People with skinny legs believe that no matter what they do their leg muscle will not grow. That is simply not true. If leg muscles are not responding, you are doing something wrong.

Fact: Do these leg exercises correctly and you will get better results in a much shorter period of time. If you’re a beginner, did you know that leg day actually releases testosterone ? Leg day actually creates a very anabolic environment even for your upper body.

The lower body contains some of your biggest muscles which are capable of bearing significant weights. The temptation for beginners to go for broke by performing heavy squats needs resisted.

To begin with you should concentrate on building muscles safely by using machines that isolate muscle groups.

Squats, are an excellent compound exercise that involve numerous lower body muscles but it is one you should learn properly after spending three months strengthening the individual muscles that will be utilized later.

The Leg Muscles Can Be Divided Into Five Groups:

1. Quads – this is the big muscle group consisting of four muscles at the front of the thigh. These are the primary muscles used when performing exercises such as squats, leg press, lunge and leg extension.
2. Hamstrings – main muscles at the back of the thigh. These are the primary muscles used when performing leg curls.
3. Gluteals – these are the muscles that make up the buttocks.
4. Hip flexors – small muscles at the front of the pelvis that allow you to raise your legs to the front.
5. Calves – two muscles found in the lower leg.

Mental Challange

Leg day feels like it’s a challenge because not only it is hard on you physically…your brain definitely gives out before your body. Adding bodybuilding supplements to your leg day work out pushes your body into an anabolic state.

Sometimes you want to stop three reps short, so it’s a challenge to really make sure you embrace the paint to get through it. Anabolic workout supplements push you to get through a tough workout.

Embrace the pain to get through it. Once you do, you feel so much better.

If legs are a weak point for you, maybe take the day off before the work out or the day after. That way, all the nutrients you are consuming are either fueling that workout. Or helping with recovery from that workout.

Cardio is also suggested after the workout. If you add cardio, do at least 15 minutes to remove the body of all the toxins and lactic acid. If you can shift away the lactic acid, the body will uptake the nutrients much more efficiently.

Especially if your blood is flowing through those localized area much more efficiently. It shuttles nutrients much faster. The faster you recover, the faster you are going to be building muscleBodybuilding supplements help with this process as well.

How to Train Legs Correctly – Rules You MUST Follow

The biggest mistake people make with legs is they use too much weight and don’t get much range of motion with reps due to that.

You see them doing five or six half-reps with 405 in the squat or with all the plates the leg press can hold, when they should use half that weight and do 10-15 full reps.

On leg day, a few warms ups would be either plenty of leg extensions to get the blood flowing around the knees and pump the quads up. Also riding a stationary bike at a good pace for 5 minutes is a good idea as well.

Training Legs:

  • Monday-Chest
  • Tuesday-Quads
  • Wednesday-Arms
  • Thursday-Hams
  • Friday-Delts
  • Saturday-Back
  • Sunday-off


  • Squats 4 X 12
  • Hack Squats 4 X 12-15
  • Vertical Leg Press 4 X 12
  • Leg Extensions 4 X 12-15
  • Dumbbell Walking Lunges 3-4 sets of 10-15 steps per leg


  • Seated Leg Curls 4 X 12
  • Lying Leg Curls 4 X 12
  • Standing One-Leg Curls 4 X 10-12
  • Good Mornings or Stiff-leg Deadlifts 3 X 10-12
  • Glute Kickback Machine 4 X 12

Every Other Day-Calves

  • Standing Calf Raises 8 sets of 10-15 reps (increasing weight)
  • Seated Calf Raises 6 sets of 8-12 reps (increasing weight)

Leg Exercises For Strength – Intense Leg Day Routine not for the faint hearted!

This intense workout, both high and low reps are performed. Your body goes into survival mode. It grasps onto every single muscle fiber possible to survive those last few reps.

Also very intense on cardio vascular system. This workout separates the men from the boys.

  • Leg Press: 50 reps…Super set with Hack Squats: 50 reps
  • Rest for 45-60 seconds
  • Increase weight slightly and perform:Leg Press: 40 reps…super set with Hack Squats: 40 reps
  • Rest for a minute and 15 seconds
  • Increase weight slightly and perform: Leg Press: 30 reps…super set with Hack Squats: 30 reps
  • Rest for a minute and 30 seconds
  • Increase weight slightly and perform: Leg Press: 20 reps…super set with Hack Squats: 20 reps
  • Rest for a minute and 45 seconds
  • Increase weight slightly and perform: Leg Press: 10 reps…super set with Hack Squats: 10 reps
  • Rest
  • Leg Press: 10 reps…super set with Hack Squats: 10 reps

Decrease weight and continue in this fashion, going back up to 50. Decrease weight slightly each time and rest for about a minute and 30 seconds to a minute and 45 seconds in between.

After finishing the leg press and hack squats, perform the seated calf press and then standing calf press in the same manner.

When you reach failure, rest pause and then continue until you finish all reps.  For leg press, maintain a wide stance near the top of the platform for the first half.

While declining the weight, hold a slightly narrower shoulder-width stance at the bottom of the platform.