Catabolic Combat – How To Fight Off Muscle Catabolism

Legal steroids that actually work

Safe Legal Steroids That Actually Work To Combat Catabolism

Whenever steroid supplements are discontinued, the muscles can tend to shrink. Also, body fat level can rise. It can be discouraging to see gains in strength and size, won at such a cost, dwindle away. Cycle after cycle, only a fraction of all your gains will be kept. It is time we discuss the plan to maximize your results and keep all those gains. Taking legal steroids that actually work, the best way to maximize your gains!

We are going to focus on 2 legal steroids that actually work. Diandrobol, which is a powerful anabolic bulking supplement, and Clenbuterall, the most powerful thermogenic fat burning supplement. Both of these products are the solution to consistent gains.

Both of these are legal prohormone alternatives. The benefits are that they are non-methylated and therefore pose no stress on the kidneys or liver. Neither product is an androgen, therefore long term use is safe and continually effective.


Why Do Muscles Shrink After A Steroid Stack Or Cycle ?

When steroid supplements are stopped, your natural testosterone levels are likely to be slightly lower than normal while your muscles are less responsive to the anabolic effects of androgens.

As a result, muscle protein synthesis rate will be depressed. Since muscles are subjected to a constant basal protein degradation, anabolism will be lower than catabolism. Over training can actually make this worse by increasing the degradation rate. The result will be a non-renewal of the muscle’s contractile proteins.

In simple terms, muscle mass will slowly shrink. The simple solution to resolving boosting testosterone is to implement any one of the following products.

Is IGF The Simple Solution To Reversing Catabolism?

Yes. Use of products like Diandrobol promote anabolism, and reverse catabolism. Muscle catabolism refers to muscle breakdown, the exact opposite of anabolism (which is muscle building). If muscle protein synthesis rate is depressed, one way to hold on its mass is to attempt to reduce the rate of degradation so that it is equal to or lower than anabolism. This is not an ideal solution, but we have to use all the tools available while we are waiting for a rebound of anabolism.

So our task is to attack the main proteolytic (protein-destroying) pathways. The easiest solution to resolve the muscle breakdown issue is to use DIANADROL®. This legal steroid contains growth factors that are not directly to related to testosterone. Since it puts no stress on liver or kidneys, Dianadrol can safely be used long term in low to medium doses.

Why Does Muscle Breakdown Occur and How To Stop

The current theory concerning muscle breakdown involves two distinct steps. First, calcium-dependent proteases called calpains are upregulated by the calcium leaks induced by training. Each of our muscle cells hold on calcium in small pockets called sarcoplasmic reticulum. It is the rapid entry and exit of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum which induces muscle contractions.

Repeated contractions induce an impairment of this highly regulated calcium movement. Calcium accumulates inside the cell rather than in its sarcoplasmic reticulum reserve. The first consequence of this loss of homeostasis is the reduction of strength experienced as sets accumulate.

The second long term consequence is the upregulation of the activity of calpain. Calpain in turn cuts out large chunks of myofibrils that are called easily releasable myofilaments. Those large pieces of muscle cells will then be attacked by another proteolytic mechanism called the ATP-dependent ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.

Ubiquitin and Proteasomes

Ubiquitin is only a marker which detects abnormal, denatured or damaged muscle proteins such as the easily releasable filaments. Then, the proteasome is attracted by these marked proteins because of their association with ubiquitin.

Once attacked by the proteasome, a damaged protein is digested into single amino acids ready to be recycled as raw materials for muscle rebuilding or more likely as waste products such as urea. Needless to say, a super intense workout rapidly increases the activities of both ubiquitin and the proteasomes.

I cannot stress enough the necessity of the large cuts to the myofibers for the ubiquitin and proteasome to act. If we can reduce the actions of the calpains, we can prevent the proteasome from acting. If the cleaving of muscle fiber doesn’t take place, myofibers will be very resistant to the catabolic actions of the proteasome.

On the other hand, a small break up of the contractile apparatus will markedly increase the likelihood of degradation by the proteasome. We should nonetheless also attempt to tame the activity of the proteasome. In this way we have two possible ways of acting to prevent catabolism. We’ll combine them for maximum effect.

Safe Anabolic Growth Factors That Can Repair Muscle Tissue

We should first attempt to impair the normal functioning of muscle calpains. As calpains are activated by excessive calcium leaks, let’s limit this leakage. IGF is the most muscle specific member of this class. This is why DIANADROL® is so popular among athletes. IGF can influence the muscle’s need for ATP, which allows a faster recovery of the training-induced diminution of the ATP “stores.”

Pro-hormones: Is It The Right Time To Use Them

A common belief among “unnatural” bodybuilders is that pro-hormones are only good whenever steroids are stopped. At first, it may seems like good advice, but as you think about it it may not be. Of course, using pro hormones while on steroids is a waste of money.

Using prohormones in between cycles is not always a good idea. Some prohormones are methylated, that places stress on the liver and kidneys. This will place you in the situation described above in which you keep a minimal intake of hormones even whenever you are supposed to be completely off.

On the other hand, pro-hormones may be valuable during the tapering-off period at the end of a hard cycle. Products like DIANADROL, AndroTren, and Clenbuterall can be used year round.

Anti-Cortisol Products Are NOT A One-and-Done Solution

Many people assume that if they are wasting away when off cycle, it is because cortisol is free to perform its harmful work. This is the rationale behind the use of an anti-cortisol. If you could somehow tame cortisol effects, you would be able to keep your newly acquired mass despite the lack of androgen. In fact, impairing cortisol effects will not do much good when off steroids. Dianadrol resolves this issue almost entirely and gets you back to building muscle.

Insulin – Too Much Will Make You Fat

We are often told that insulin is a very powerful anabolic hormone. Is it so effective that it can replace steroids? No, but if you want to hold on your muscle gains even at the risk of gaining fat, it may help.

DIANADROL taken with the morning and the post workout meals can increase both insulin and GH secretions at those key moments. Just make sure you ingest enough carbs during the following hour. You will feel that this drug increases your appetite, so just feed you body with carbs plus fast proteins like whey.

Injections of insulin are more tricky. You can use a slow one before breakfast and a fast one before your post workout meal. Start with a ridiculously low dosage like 5 IU and slowly work your way up.

Growth Hormones

Using GH would be very nice to counter the potential fat gains due to insulin while optimizing the muscle building process. Unfortunately, not cost effective. On top of this, GH works best when androgens are abundantly available, which is not the case in the situation we are considering.

Ephedrine To Keep Fat Off After A Cycle

Using ephedrine plus caffeine can be a simple but very effective alternative when off cycle. It will replace the missing drive due to a shortage of androgen during your workout. It is especially good in case you have decided to shed the excess fat accumulated during your steroid cycle. Ephedrine, banned and it actually has some side effects. There are certain legal steroids for fat loss that are definitely a far better option.

Clenbuterall – The Best Legal Steroid For Fat Loss

Clen is often said to be the best thermogenic fat burner that exists, and that might be true. In fact, thought to be the right stuff while off steroids to continue to pack on very lean mass while shedding fat.

Clenbuterall is valuable fat burning, but do not expect miracles in terms of building muscle mass. If your goal is to get rid of extra body fat, Clen can defnitely help you.

Using Clen certainly optimizes the effects of your diet while allowing you to train harder and heavier. If you feel that Clen is hampering your workout, it means you are taking too much before training.

In this case, divide your dosing into two equal parts, one intake being used after training as far apart from the first intake as possible (as long as it does not prevent you from sleeping!).

Clen can also replace the GH while on insulin boosters in order to counter the fat gains. If Clen is not available, Primodrol and Winsdrol are other good choices.

Primodrol – A Safe and Legal Metenolone Alternative

Primdrol is not only a wonderful supplement for lean muscle, it can also be an exceptional product for fat loss. Although nothing burns off fat like Clenbuterall, Primodrol is ideal for muscle toning. Both Primodrol and Clenbuterall contain a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that activates in adipose tissue to facilitate fat loss.

This means that by using it, you can lose bodyfat even while on an anabolic supplement. Stacking Clenbuterall along with legal steroids for bulking is actually a good way to make more solid gains. Several researchers have theorized that Clen may induce some muscle growth by reducing protein degradation. I strongly encourage Clenbuterall users to stack for maximal effects on muscle mass.

Clen is a mega powerful fat burner, but it is not the best choice for muscle growth. That said, stacking Clenbuterall with legal steroids that actually work for mass, like Diandrobol, is a guaranteed way to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.