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Safe Phentermine Alternative

Xenaphen ™, a safe Phentermine alternative launches an aggressive 3 way attack on weight loss. While XenaPhen is the most often recommended product when losing weight just seems impossible. XenaPhen is a maximum strength weight loss aid for both men and women. This legal dietary supplement facilitates weight loss. While through a highly regarded synergistic blend of ingredients.

XenaPhen’s powerful synergistic formula attacks 3 separate mechanisms to induce weight loss.

1. Appetite suppression
► Eating less means there are less calories to burn.

2. Stimulation
► Having more energy makes you burn more calories even when at rest. A boost in energy and metabolism helps you to burn more calories during physical fitness activity. The addition benefit of XenaPhen is an increase in mood, mental focus, and motivation.

3. Thermogenesis
► Thermogenic fat loss helps to burn more calories at an accelerated rate.

XenaPhen ™ is formulated with high quality, all-natural designer supplements to help you eat less, get more active, and accomplish your weight loss goals faster !

Looking to lose some fat? Hunger control and calorie burning are essentials for sustained weight loss. While fat burners help with sustained energy on a caloric deficit and improve calories burned. Also help to suppress your appetite. Try one of our weight loss stacks designed to support fat loss. XenaPhen is an extreme diet pill that suppresses appetite and gives you tons of energy.


60 Capsules Per Bottle

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Thermogenic Fat Loss
  • Energy and Focus

7 reviews for XenaPhen

  1. Bethany Y.

    At first I was skeptical as with taking any supplement for the first time. I followed the instructions per the back of the bottle. I took the product to assist with continued weight loss after discontinuing the gym. I wanted something that would not affect the muscle I built. I saw great results over all especially in my energy. My energy level sustained though out the day. This is definitely a must try product.

  2. Heather

    I tried this product to help me with losing weight after my pregnancy. The product does wonders! I feel more focused and alert during the day when running errands and I am able to walk/run on treadmill while baby is sleeping! I still eat a normal balanced diet, but losing weight has never been so easy! I feel good about myself finally! I will be purchasing more in the future!

  3. Chuck

    After taking a few months off due to an injury, XenaPhen has given me energy to workout again. Love this stuff!

  4. Tiffany W.

    I was recommended this supplement by a girlfriend who has taken it, she loved it and it helped her drop some inches off her waist, so I purchased it and all I can say is AMAZING! I have never felt so energized! The results I’ve seen have been tremendous! No more back fat!

  5. Vincent G

    Really good for weight loss and preworkout

  6. Micah

    Glad Muscle Labs added this – my fave supplement for weight loss and energy

  7. Amiee

    Incredible! I’m a single mother with 2 boys running around! I needed to drop the baby weight off! I have lost a total of 10 pounds while using this supplement and exercising!! I have never felt better since having my boys! Top rated supplement!

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