Supplement Stacks and Cycles

Supplement Stacks – How To Stack and Cycle Supplements for Better Results

What Is A Supplement Stack  ?

Stacking Supplements is the best way to deliver faster results. “Stacking” is simply a dosing regimen that consists of taking 2 or more products together every day.  For many people, the main goal is to “build muscle and burn fat”. In all reality there is no single pill that can do both (at the same time) very effectively. By combining 2 supplements together though (a.k.a. stacking) you can achieve that specific goal much easier. Most supplements serve a very specific purpose, so by using 2 or more together you can really fine tune your end results. This is exactly why competing bodybuilders use supplement stacks in the months prior to competing on stage.

What Are The Best Supplement Stacks ?

The most common supplement stacks are as follows

Summary: The purpose of stacking is to achieve a specific goal very quickly.
Competing bodybuilders will use a bulking stack in the off season to build more muscle mass before cutting.

What Are Cycles?

Supplement cycling  or “a cycle” simply refers to the duration of time in which you plan to stick to 1 specific regimen. The 8 week cycle is the standard  for using any single product or stack.  In a typical scenario, a competing bodybuilder will do a bulk cycle for 12 weeks, and that a cutting cycle in the final 8 weeks before competing. In this case, the bodybuilder will aim to add as much muscle mass as possible during the 12 week bulk. As soon as that is completed, the following 8 week cycle will be aimed at as burning off as much fat loss as possible, while maintaining the muscle mass.

There are mainly 2 types of cycles. Bulking cycles, and cutting cycles.

The purpose of cycling is to deliver slow-steady-refined gains. This way the muscle building or fat loss appears very natural and solid.

Competing bodybuilders will typically run a cutting cycle in the final 2 months prior to a bodybuilding show. This is how they get abs fast in the final weeks before competing.

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