Clenbuterol HCL – Risks, Benefits, and Alternative Supplements

Clenbuterol HCL – Risks, Benefits, and Safer Alternatives

Clenbuterol hydrochloride as a powerful bronchodilator designed with the primary purpose of treating breathing disorders such as asthma, aselective beta to sympathomimetic. This compound actively acts as a beta to stimulator which in turn aids in reversing airway obstruction.

Also known as “Clen” This same stimulating effect also makes clen an all powerful fat-burning drug. In fact well that remains an off-label use, it is perhaps the most common use. When it comes to the effects of clenbuterol on asthmatic patients, the process is rather simple.

Clen Hydrochloride and the “legal Clen” products are offered for sale under many different trade names. Some are legal versions while other are banned.


  • Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
  • Clenbutover
  • Clenbutrol
  • Clen-B
  • AstraLean
  • Clenbu
  • Clenbulen
  • Ventipulmin
  • Clen 40
  • Klen


  • Clenbutrx
  • Clenburn
  • Clenbuterol-Clenn


How Does Clenbuterol Hydrchloride Work

The bronchodilator opens the airwaysand the individual can breathe. Simple andeffective and if you suffer from asthmaa more than welcomed medication. For off-label uses, clenbuterol functions by enhancing the metabolic rate through the beta 2 stimulation.

This stimulation causes the mitochondria ofthe cell to produce and release more heat thereby increasing the body’s core temperature. This increased heat results in enhanced metabolism is referred to as “thermogenesis”.

Clenbuterall is in fact the best thermogenic fat burner in existence. Calories are burned at a higher rate, fat cells are stimulated, the breakdown of triglycerides are enhanced, and fat loss ensues.

Some say Clenbuterol is a magical fat loss solution. You must still burn more calories than you consume in order to lose body fat. But it can aid in the process. This is why they say Clenbuterall is one of the best legal supplements for cutting.

Clenbuterol – The Anabolic and Thermogenic Function

Clen is also well noted for possessing anabolic properties. However, there is a massive amount of misunderstanding and misinformation present when it comes to this issue. Animal studies have shown clenbuterol to be extremely anabolic.

However, there is no data to support this anabolic effect in humans. In fact, there has been evidence to support that there is no significant anabolic effect in humans.

In the end the anabolic nature of clenbuterol still requires some study but any anabolic effect is not going to be what most would consider strong that we do know. What we can say for certain is that it it “anti-catabolic”. What this means is that even during the extreme fat burning facilitated by clenbuterol, you will retain all your muscle mass. So although it is not exactly anabolic, Clenbuterol will actually make you keep your muscle while you are rapidly losing body fat.

Clen Hydrchloride Side Effects and Dose

The side effects of clenbuterol can bequite strong and will affect most peoplein one way or another. The common sideeffects of clenbuterol surroundingstimulating nature and include jittery weird feeling, shaky hands, and increased sweating.

Most all will experience such effects but they will normally fade as the individual becomes accustomed to the compound. Many tend to inaccurately assume that when such a side effects fade that the metabolic enhancement provided is no longer there.

This is inaccurate as the same dose of Clenbuterol can keep the metabolism revved for upwards of five weeks. At the five week point it will be a notable physique enhancement. The body does adapt and forthat reason use must be planned accordingly.

Clenbuterol can also include headaches and nausea and some individuals as well as muscle cramps. While cramps are not extremely common, we can’t call them rare either for this reason staying well hydrated is extremely important.

Some will also find supplementing with taurine to help as clenbuterol is noted for depleting taurine. Side-effects may also include insomnia. Most will want to take their clenbuterol early in the day or as a preworkout supplement. This stimulation makes Clenbuterol one of the more preferred legal supplements for fat loss.

Clenbuterol Activity

This compound has a half-life ofwell over 30 hours and some will not be able to sleep if they use it at all. Clenbuterol also carries with it some severe possible side effects and while severe,  typically linked to improper uses such as high doses.

The severe side effects with clenbuterol include high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, and even trembling and panic. Proper dosing and duration abuse is imperative with clenbuterol. It is very possible to use this bronchodilator safely but you must take the proper steps. There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to clenbuterol cycles and doses for.

Clenbuterol For Muscle Strength and Fat Loss

For the aesthetic patient it is simply given at a dose of 20 to 40 micrograms per dayone or two times per day but for off-label use things tend to get alittle more complicated. Remember thebody will adapt to the metabolic enhancer. The most common clenbuterol cycle is probably a two week on two week off protocol.

Such a cycle begin with 20 to 40 micrograms per day and increase 20 to 40 micrograms every few days until the maximum dose is reached. Once the maximum dose is reached in two total weeks a dose is complete. The individual will discontinue use for two weeks andthen repeat the process. While two weeks on two weeks off is effective, another alternative is continuous use. Remember the metabolic enhancement remains for five weeks with a single dose.

Dose and Cycle

We can actually slightly increase the dose periodically without having to discontinue use. Keeping the metabolic rate rev the entire time. Such a clenbuterol cycle will start with 20 to 40 micrograms per day and increase 20 micrograms every two to three weeks as needed.

This will continue the duration of use until the maximum dose that is needed is reached. Some may alternatively try starting with 20 to 40 micrograms per day increase the dose 40micrograms every 5 to 7 days until the  maximum dose is reached, discontinued for two to four weeks and repeat.

A note on clenbuterol cycles and doses as it pertains to safety. Female doses should not exceed 120 micrograms per day inmale doses should not exceed 140 micrograms per day.

No one should supplement what the maximum does for more than 3 weeks consecutively. Total clenbuterol use should also be limited to 16 to 20 total weeks per year. Overall, Clen is one of the better suppleents that burn fat.

Is Clenbuterol Legal or Banned ?

Clenbuterol is widely available on the pharmaceutical and black markets worldwide but oddly enough it is not available on the u.s. pharmaceutical market. The US fda has never approved clebunterol. This is not due to ineffectiveness or danger rather than numerous similar bronchodilators already exist on the US market.

For this reason most in the US buy clenbuterol on the black market and while it’s not a controlled substance like anabolic steroids such a purchase is still illegal. For this reason many turn to research chemicals or safe Clenbuterol Alternatives. Clenbuterol is normally found as a capsule or tablet.

The research labs manufacture and sell it in a raw liquid state for research purposes. You will not need a prescription for such a purchase and it is legal, thanks to a very strange loophole in the law. There are safer Clenbuterol alternatives you can purchase such as Clenbuterall which is 100% legal in the USA.  These products do not contain any banned or illegal ingredients.