Dbol Alternative Supplements – They Work, but are They Legal ?


Dbol Alternative – Safety, Effectiveness and Best Bulking Supplements For Mass Gains

Are you considering adding Dbol to your program? Intentionally developed as a performance enhancer, Dianabol replicates testosterone’s anabolic nature with fewer androgenic side effects. So when is the best time to take Dbol? To answer that question, let’s look at what Dbol does.

How Does A Dbol Alternative Work ?

Dbol is a powerful legal anabolic steroid supplement. It supports protein synthesis and nitrogen retention to help the body build more muscle and aids in recovery. It also optimizes glycogenolysis to make the most of the carbohydrates that the user consumes.

These three factors working together make Dbol produce dramatic results quickly. Although Dbol does improve endurance and recovery, its primary focus is increasing strength and mass.

Side Effects of The Old Dbol

The old Dianabol (which is now discontinued) contained methandrostenolone. By suppressing good HDL cholesterol and raising bad LDL cholesterol it could impair cardiovascular health. It is important to try to maintain cardiovascular fitness through diet and exercise while taking methandrostenolone.

The relatively strong estrogenic nature of the substance can cause water retention, which can lead to high blood pressure. When selecting an anti-estrogen supplement to pair with Dbol, SERMs are the best choice because they have no negative effect on cholesterol.

Dbol alternatives like Diandrobol are no longer  hepatotoxic, so users do not need to avoid excessive liver stress. It is best to avoid the illegal methandrostenolone all together. Use a legal methandrostenolon alternative like Diandrobol that is safe and  NOT banned.

Dbol Stacks and Cycles

Dbol is best used as a bulking agent. This legal steroid does not claim to keep body fat particularly low during a bulk, so users can expect to gain a few pounds of fat along with muscle.

Most bodybuilders choose to bulk during the colder months of the year since they will likely not be shirtless and chubby at a pool or beach.

With that in mind, it is important to keep Dbol’s effects in mind during the winter holiday months. For example, taking over the counter medicine for a cold and drinking too much alcohol.

High fat foods at holiday parties can really take a toll on the body. Additionally, it is easy to neglect omega-3s and cardio workouts during cold months filled with holiday foods.

Using the right legal dbol alternative like Diandrobol is great for adding slabs of mass during a bulk cycle. It comes with no real health concerns as long as you use it within the suggested dosing regimen. With a solid diet and weightlifting regimen, Dbol supplements can be a great addition to a bulking cycle.

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