Supplement Cycling – It Has Everything To Do With Muscle Gain

supplement cycling

Supplement Cycling For Muscle Gain – Can You Keep Growing, Even After Using Supplement Stacks ?

supplement cyclingThe simple answer is yes, but study the tips in this article closely. Many steroid supplement users think that they grow so much and so fast while on their stack, that they are going to lose it all.

This is probably why they never dare to go off legal steroids. The fact is simple – NO.

You are not going to lose all of your gains. The only way to do that is if you stopped training and stopped eating.

So, is there really any usefulness in anabolic supplement cycling? I doubt that any pro ever goes off!

Why shouldn’t up-and-coming amateurs and contenders for the pros do the same? Legal steroid supplements are safe and non-toxic, so why go off, ever ?

Supplement Cycling For Muscle Gain – How Long Is Best?

After a while, steroid supplements lose part of their muscle building properties. You then face the following dilemma:

  • either increase the dosage at the risk of suffering side effects
  • or simply stop the supplement for some time. In that case, you may lose some if not all of your gains.

This is due to the lack of anabolic substitutes or strategies able to reverse the wasting period associated with steroid discontinuance.

You can stay on legal steroids for years with continued results, as long as you cycle different products. In summary, you would not want to bulk year round and keep using the same product.

At some point, the gains will stop coming. Optimally it is best to run muscle building and fat loss stacks in 8 to 12 week supplement cycling. This will keep the gains coming.

Off Cycle Supplements – Do You Really Need Them ?

The short answer is NO. Let’s discuss how to prevent this muscle wasting phase that most seem concerned with. Of course, this will be a quite unorthodox method but it is highly effective.

Let’s first review the classic strategies employed. The first solutions is rather simple. Keep switching products every 3 months or so. The gains will keep coming.

Also, you can alternate back and forth between bulking and cutting. Realistically, this is not only safe, but it is practical. If fitness is a way of life for you, than diet, training and supplements will be a part of every day life.

Do Muscles Shrink When You Stop Taking Supplements ?

Legal steroids accelerate the muscle protein turnover. They increase both anabolism and also catabolism. As the anabolic state is boosted more than the catabolic, your muscle mass increases.

I know that we are constantly told that steroids are anti-catabolic. This is simply not the case of all steroid supplements. Not all anabolic supplements will block the cortisol receptors located inside our muscles.

I wish they did so that everybody would be pleased, but that’s not how things work. Clenbuterall is one of the few fat burners that is anti-catabolic.

legal steroid cycling

The Role Of Testosterone and Androgens

If you don’t understand how legal steroids work, there is no way you can prevent the loss of mass when you go off them.

Whenever our muscles are exposed to too much anabolic activity, the number of testosterone receptors rapidly diminishes.

On top of this, the receptors left lose some of their ability to trigger the anabolic process.

Whenever testicles are exposed to too much androgenic activity, their own production of testosterone lessens. So at the end of a cycle of prohormones, your testis may have shrunk a little or a lot.

This depends mostly on your age and the product used. The young bodybuilders being less likely to end up with a little peanut than the more mature weightlifters.

To sum up, at the end of your supplement cycle your muscles are resistant to the building properties of androgens and you are not producing much testosterone to stimulate those receptors anyway.

It’s is an ideal situation for a rapid muscle shrinkage. This will not be due to an acceleration of catabolism but rather to a strong deceleration of the protein synthesis rate.

As anabolism drops below the catabolic rate, the degraded muscle proteins will not be renewed, hence the loss of mass. A legitimate testosterone booster like Testosterone-1, Testobolic, or AndroGenRx are all guaranteed fixes for boosting testosterone.

A further complication is that in many people (but not all) anabolics tend to reduce the cortisol elevation associated with training stress, the secretion of this wasting hormone may tend to increase.

This will further depress the anabolic drive. Clenbuterall and Winsdrol are 2 legal steroids knows specifically for being anti-catabolic

Will Testosterone Boosters Help After A Long Bulking or Cutting Cycle?

Yes. In most cases, serious weightlifters stay on supplements year round and simply alternate stacks. This is safe if using Muscle Labs USA legal steroid supplements because they are non-methylated.

This means no stress on the liver or kidneys. to counteract this great wasting period, bodybuilders taper off their legal steroid use. Post cycle therapy (or pct) is not always needed. It is rare that they stop cold turkey, especially after a serious cycle.

The rationale is, maintain a reduced supply of muscle building supplements so that;
a) the muscles have a chance to recover some of their lost sensitivity to testosterone and
b) hormones can regulate. This may work to some extent but it mostly just postpones the wasting rather than preventing it.

A possible strategy here can be to only partially discontinue anabolic supplements and continue with a testosterone booster like AndroGenRx, Testosterone-1, or Testobolic.

The issue of the lost muscle sensitivity is addressed but at least you do not end up with a zero testosterone level in your blood and all the problems such as energy and libido are restored quickly.

Cycling Testosterone

Tapering Down Your Dose In Between Supplement Cycling

This may seem an unusual way of concluding a cycle but it is in fact very popular. A bodybuilder will tell you that he is completely off steroid supplements when he might still be using a low dose of DIANADROL everyday day along with protein and creatine loading.

He is not lying to you when he says he is off as he truly believes it himself. It is just a matter of semantics here. This is the person’s minimum dosage used in between high doses supplement cycles.

I am not going to offer other opinions on the subject, as it is a universal strategy which has proved its efficacy.

“Cruising” In Between Cycles

As we touched on above, “cruising” is the term used to reference the minimum supplement regimen protocol that is used in between an intense muscle stack or cycle.The main advantage is that it prevents muscle shrinkage. In fact, you can keep on making progress while “off.”

It also protects from the wide endocrine fluctuations associated with a classical steroid cycling. The main disadvantage is you will not recover your muscle sensitivity to testosterone completely.

More importantly, your endocrine system and especially your testes do not stand a chance of recovering homeostasis. Using a testosterone booster at a regular dose in between cycles or stacks is the perfect example of cruising.

Nutritional Strategies To Implement

The first thing you have to figure out once you are off steroid supplements is your nutritional strategy. You face several alternatives, namely:

Dirty Bulking. Take in high calories to build muscle mass even if it means adding some fat.
Extreme cutting through a calorie deficit diet. Trim the fat added during the previous legal steroid cycle even if some lean mass is sacrificed.

Here is how you can add mass and shed fat, if you’re willing to utilize some innovative strategies.
Let’s explore those strategies in detail.


Build Muscle Mass Even If It Means Adding Some Fat

This is the most popular method. One tries to hold on as much as possible to the newly acquired mass until the next cycle.

In that case, steroids are replaced by extra food in order to oppose the rapid loss of strength usually associated with steroid discontinuance.

The food-induced water retention and the fat gains are the main mediators of this increase in muscle strength and will partially counter the lack of androgen-mediated brute strength.

Of course, by overeating, you will be more able to delay the general fatigue that is often felt during the workout once steroids are stopped.

On top of this, the extra food helps to accelerate the recovery in between workouts. This will again partially counter the lower recovery speed experienced when off steroids.

The main drawback of this strategy is it will not entirely stop the mass loss, and also one is likely to rapidly pack on fat. If you are too fat already, it is not a practical strategy.

On the other hand, if you’re lean and do not gain fat easily, then this is certainly the way to go.

Cutting Body Fat – Improve Muscle Tone

If you tend to gain fat with a relative ease during a cycle, this is the time to shed those extra pounds. Some people tend to lose fat while on steroids, while others tend to gain some even if they are careful about their diet.

The rationale here is to say that if you diet while on steroids, you will severely impair their anabolic potency. Steroids are not the best means to ensure retention of muscle mass during a low calorie diet.

In fact many people have an easier time getting defined while off steroids than when on. Since lean mass will be lost while off anyway, why not use this “clean” period to wash out your body a bit?

Once steroids are resumed this extra definition will allow you to eat more which will potentiate the effects of anabolics.

The main drawback here is the risk of losing all the lean mass added during the previous cycle. So, do not go on a super-strict diet. supplements such as clenbuterol will come handy at this point.

Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Such an attractive alternative may seem incredible. The catch? Willingness and the mental strength required to implement such a strategy. Though the most rewarding method, it is both uncomfortable and complicated.

Most believe it is not possible to add mass while improving definition, especially right after a cycle. But thanks to newly utilized, powerful, non-steroid anabolic supplements like DIANADROL it is totally possible.

The cost is not an issue either as those supplements are pretty cheap. These legal steroids ate peptide based and contain ingredients like IGF-1 and other Growth factors.

They will not cause issues with testosterone and they can be taken for long periods of time.

We will be back with part 2 with more tips and advice on how to continue making gains even in between cycles.

Thanks For Reading.