Winter Workouts to Stay Active in Cold Weather

Don’t Let Bad Weather Dictate Winter Workouts!

As the weather cools down we all start to spend more time indoors.  When this happens, setting up a regular exercise program is crucial.  As the season of eating and indoor activities starts to pick up, so too do our collective waistlines tend to grow.

Although there is no reason not to indulge a little in the festivities of the fall and winter seasons, you do want to make sure that you don’t let all that hard work go entirely to waste. Trying supplements for weight loss will jump start your body. Just because bathing suit season is over you doesn’t mean you want to get to lax on your workout routine. 

Look for Alternatives – Like Rec Center

While you don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership, you may want to invest in a punch card or the like at a local recreation center.  This can be a great way to keep up your activity level without becoming a gym rat.

Going for a swim, skate or quick run on the treadmill can all help to keep up your fitness levels.  Taking the kids will make it a fun family affair and help to get you all in shape while also giving you some quality time with the family.

Indoor tennis or racquetball are other great options.  Grab a friend and challenge them to a high stakes game.  These can be great ways to catch up with an old buddy and to get some exercise in to boot.

Try a Class

Opting to take a yoga, Pilates or spin class are other great indoor activity ideas.  These can be quite the winter workouts if you let them be and can help you unwind after a hard days work. 

Getting exercise as the winter weather approaches can also keep your spirits up.  As the days get longer and darker, those powerful endorphins are needed more than ever.  Exercise is a great way to keep yourself fit and mentally charged. Pre workout supplements are great to take before exercise.

Finally, just because the weather is a little less warm than usual doesn’t meant that outdoor activities are forbidden.  In fact, outdoor hikes, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are all terrific aerobic activities and are great fun to boot.

Advice for Winter Jogging

Many runners will tell you that they get a great high from going out for a long run.  As such, most are loathe to give up this great fitness pastime simply because of a little cold or icy weather.  This being the case, it is important to recognize that winter running does have some hazards that summer running might not.  In order to maximize your workout and avoid falling prey to some of the worst of the winter workout hazards, follow some of the tips below for a safe winter jog.

Warming up. 

Of course at all times of the year warming up is an important pre-workout step, but when the weather is cold it is even more important than usual.  Because of the cold weather your joints and muscles can be stiffer than usual. As such, without a good warm-up the chance of injury and damage to your muscles, joints or ligaments increases.  To protect yourself make sure that you do some good dynamic stretches to warm up your body before taking off for your run.


Hydration is likewise always an important part of any winter workouts, but when the dry conditions predominate, you may need more water than usual.  Because its drier too, many athletes forget that they are still losing ample amounts of fluids through sweating. The cold makes you feel less thirsty in fact that workouts taken up during hotter weather.  It is therefore important that you drink even when you don’t feel as thirsty as you do in the summer months.

Mapping your route. 

Because icy conditions and snowy areas can cause major hazards for runners in the winter months, be sure that you know your route well and that you are sure that the path is clear.  Icy conditions are the worst culprits when it comes to winter workout injuries, so knowing that you have a well trodden and cleared off route is essential.

Keep Warm. 

Although you may get all heated up whilst engaged in your run, you still need to be aware of keeping yourself, particularly your extremities warm.  Having the proper gear is key to enjoying a good winter run. Your hands and head lose a lot of heat while you are working out so make sure to invest in a good runners toque and a nice set of gloves.  Compressible gear is a great way to go. When you get too hot just put them into a pocket or waistband and keep running. Thin, breathable socks are also a terrific investment.

Winter running is a terrific workout and provides a great dose of the outdoors even when it is a little chilly.  Just make sure to follow the above guidelines to keep yourself warm, safe and injury free.

Workout Gear for Winter Workouts

 While we are always able to hit the gym in order to avoid the rainy or windy weather if we so desire, finding ways to make outdoor exercise safe, comfortable and most of all fun, is also a good way to keep up our fitness routine.

Exercising in the great outdoors particularly in less than ideal weather can sometimes be a challenge.  This is certainly the case if we don’t have the proper gear to make the experience comfortable. Below are therefore some of the best investments you’ll want to make in order to make the most of the season.


Footwear, footwear, footwear!  Nothing feels worse than wet, cold feet, especially when you are trying to work up a sweat.  Investing in some adequate footwear for your various outdoor activities is therefore a top priority.

If you are into hiking than a good comfortable pair of hiking boots or trail runners are essential.  You can usually waterproof your leather hikers using various waxes. Trail runners might not be able to be waterproofed to the same degree but you can make sure that you have a good pair of socks and a great fit on the shoes for optimal comfort.


A rain jacket and rain pants are also important.  For any kind of outdoor activity, you need to be prepared to stay warm and dry.  Invest in quality rain pants and light jackets in order to ensure you don’t end up drenched by the end of your workout.  These lightweight over layers can make all the difference in comfort and therefore motivation to head out the following day.

A windbreaker is also a must have for outdoor activities.  You can usually get a good windbreaker that has some waterproofing or at least water resistance to it.  Use this for those windy but less wet days and you’ll be snug as a bug against the blowing winds.

A toque that you can sweat in.  Not all toques are created equal.  While some might be great for fashionable occasions, you won’t want a super hot wool toque when you are working up a sweat.  Opt for a different fabric that will help keep your ears and head warm without making you uncomfortably hot.

Depending on the type of outdoor activity you prefer you’ll want to invest in different workout gear.  Whatever you choose just make sure that it will work for what you have in mind. Ask the sales clerk at your store in order to ensure that you’ll get what you need in order to make winter workouts a blast.